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The stories on this page can all be found on the web, but you will have to look for them.  Or you can just click on the links I provided.
"Zack" is fiction, and was published by Sylvan Echo (no longer on line) "The Astonishing Colossal Man" is fiction (to say the least) and is published by Tarpaulin Sky.  The Song of the Lilliphant is science fiction and may be found at the Oregon Review. "How to Throw Away" is fiction and can be read at the SNReview.  "Schoolhouse Crock" is nonfiction, political, and liberal as hell! You will find it at FAIR.  All links below will take you to the stories listed above

Paul Pekin
Personal Information

Zack was a manís man, as I define these things, and I admired him for it. He had his faults,  yes, and you shall hear about them, but in our department he stood out, honest,  courageous, and conscientious. He even had the look of a good cop, the sharply creased  uniform trousers, the spit-shined shoes, the freshly starch   Continue by clicking Zack

       The Astonishing Colossal Man wore a red and blue uniform with a wide studded belt that circled his middle like a sheet of armor. A bolt of lightning blazed across his muscular chest. A silver half-mask enhanced his noble face. There were little golden wings on his knee-high boots. He was a superhero!  Continue by clicking   The Astonishing Colossal Man

Lockhart hated the planet, hated the service, hated the uniform they gave him to wear; most of all he hated the Karteans, each and every one of whom--oh, they were intelligent enough---hated him right back. You couldn't escape that hatred. It followed you down every street, through every alley, looked out every window, smoldered behind every expressionless face, this seething hostility, this bottomless contempt.  Continue by clicking  The Song of the Lilliphant

How To Throw Away a One Hundred Dollar Bill

When you're a kid you're only a kid.  That's exactly my way of looking at it.  You don't even begin to grow up until you've learned certain things, things about friends, things about money.  The rest--sex, health, life, death; that stuff generally takes care of itself.  Continue by clicking  How To Throw Away a One Hundred Dollar Bill

Schoolhouse Crock

How much change should you get back after putting down $3 to pay for a 60-cent cup of soup and a $1.95 sandwich? Would you believe that exactly 56.3 percent of American college graduates were unable to figure this out?   Continue by clicking Schoolhouse Crock