Literary Short Stories
Paul Pekin
The stories on this site  have all appeared in literary magazines, good magazines like Sou'wester, The Crescent Review, The South Dakota Review, and others.  They are copyrighted and may not be reprinted without the permission of the author.

 Grab It!
published in Gem (around 1980)

New job. He arrives seven minutes before the hour, suit, tie,haircut, the moustache shorn away. Gonna make it this time. Honest, Honey. From hereon it's hard work and a straight career. I'll never write another short story


published in the Chicago Reader (around 1978)

On the edge of my home town where the Baltimore and Ohio tracks run along the highway, finally intersecting it at an unguarded crossing, there used to be a lonely shack of a building that contained a rather famous tavern. It stood in the midst of a great swampy prairie that since has been subdivided and covered all over with respectable suburban houses. The people in them run their lawnmowers and raise their flags and polish their cars every sunny Saturday; not one in a hundred ever heard of the Poinsetta Lounge and the things that went on inside.

What went on, of course, was the whores.


 To Clothe the Naked 
  published in the Chicago Reader (around 2002)

There was a wind that afternoon; it came straight off the lake and brought the chill factor down to zero. When Deidrich turned onto Jackson Street and saw the beggar, his first thought was of his own good fortune--to be employed, married to a wise woman, warmly housed, and the owner of several damned good winter coats.
All stories on this site are copyrighted and may not be used without the permission of the author.